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    Who We Are

    Transilvanian Innovations and Technologies Center (TRITECC) is a company with a young and ambitious team which works in the field of multi-disciplinary research and development. Our team is made of engineers with experience in different fields. Through their active participation in different types of projects, conferences etc. the employees from TRITECC improve their knowledge on a daily basis, and are thus at the cutting edge of latest developments in the relevant fields: biotechnologies, renewable energies, environmental protection and engineering, food technology etc.

    TRITECC supports scientists in their collaborations with private industry and other public or private research institutions to get European funding for their ideas.

    Beyond this, TRITECC is an expert in communication, dissemination and exploitation activities. Our expertise in communication, the good organizational skills and our strong networking ensured succesfull completion of these tasks in the projects where we took the lead of the Dissemination and Exploitation Work Package.

    Latest News


    Kick of meeting VOLATILE

    The kick of meeting of the VOLATILE project took place on the 14th and 15th of December 2016 in Brussels, Belgium.


    Final TRANSBIO conference

    Get an insight on latest research regarding valuable compounds extracted from by-products. Have a say in the debate - "Are sub-products your next income opportunity?" FREE registration here


    Disseminating SENSE

    Preview on success stories of SENSE tool users! Interested? Check the free demo!

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    As specialists in the field of public funding, TRITECC has a comprehensive...

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    Communication Activities

    TRITECC team offers support for the communication concept...

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    Dissemination & Exploitation

    As Exploitation manager, TRITECC assumes responsibility for...

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    Innovation and technology

    TRITECC is embedded in the international technology...

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    Events Organization!

    You need to organize a project meeting, a workshop, focus groups or a major conference to gather stakeholders and communicate your research results? You need to test a product on a certain category of consumers?
    TRITECC as a partner or subcontractor fully supports all aspects of the organization of your event from A to Z.

    Contact us!

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    Corporate branding

    Colour scheme, logo, personalised templates (ppt, posters), newsletters.

    Flyers & Brochures

    Flyers and brochures for workshops, conferences, projects etc...


    Design and print for indoor/outdoor banners (size on order)


    Design and print for indoor roll-ups (size 0.85m*2m)

    Website design

    Domain aquisition and hosting, design, development and maintenance

    Branded gadgets

    Pens, USB sticks, powerbanks, etc...

    Get your deal!

    For the best price/quality ratio get in contact with us and we will ensure our personalized offer will meet all your requirements and expectations.


    Contact us!
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    Our Projects

    Biowaste derived volatile fatty acid platform for biopolymers, bioactive compounds and chemical building blocks website under construction
    Development of an Automatic harvesting System for white and violet Asparagus read more on the website
    The First European Food Processing Network of Excellence read more on the website
    Increasing efficiency of wind power plants for the production of energy read more on the Cordis website
    Novel Processing approaches for the development of food products Low in fAt, Salt and sUgar read more on the website
    HarmoniSed ENvironmental Sustainability in the European food and drink chain read more on the website
    BioTRANSformation of by-products from fruit and vegetable processing industry into valuable BIOproducts read more on the website
    Demonstration of the AutoSpar Harvesting machine used for white and violet asparagus read more on the website
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    Acum și în Romania exclusiv prin TRITECC SPA DIVISION!

    Probabil ca ati observat deja ca obiectul de activitate al firmei TRITECC nu are nici o legatura cu tratamentele faciale sau corporale, si totusi exista o legatura foarte puternica cu brandul PBSerum – stiinta/cercetarea. Aceasta frumoasa poveste isi are radacinile intr-o colaborare de 4 ani cu Proteos Biotech in proiectul European de cercetare TRANSBIO, proiect in care am descoperit in angajatii Laboratoarelor Proteos profesionalism la cote inalte, oameni minunati cu studii de specialitate, care au o experienta de lunga durata in lucrul cu enzimele si in a crea ingrediente pentru industria farmaceutica si cea cosmetica.

    La fel cum pentru Proteos Biotech povestea PBSerum a inceput din dorinta de a fructifica cunostinte acumulate de-a-lungul anilor, la fel si in cazul nostru am decis ca aceste produse de inalta calitate bazate pe enzime bio-active liofilizate, cu un istoric stiintific in spate, merita facute cunoscute si in Romania. Am creat astfel un nou departament in firma, in care vom imbina stiinta cu frumosul, in care vom demonstra ca se poate si altfel, ca se pot obtine rezultate cu produse naturale si tratamente non-invazive.

    Sunt convinsa ca intr-o piata sufocata de diferite branduri exista loc si pentru un concept unic, ca acel al PBSerum. O gama care se va diferentia nu printr-un marketing agresiv ci prin calitate si eficienta dovedita de studii clinice.

    Pana cand pagina oficiala www.pbserum.ro va fi disponibila, va invit sa descoperiti secretele bradului pe pagina noastra de Facebook (PBSerum Romania) si prin intermediul prezentarilor si trainingurilor oferite de echipa noastra.
    Contact: Bianca Pop// Tel:0742-593 209   //   Mail: pbserum@tritecc.ro

    Linia corporală

    Linia facială

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    Our Location

    Contact details


    Cosminului Street No.8,

    400642, Cluj Napoca, Romania

    Phone: +40749939486

    E-mail: info(at)tritecc.ro

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    Contents of the Web site
    The content of this website is the sole responsibility of the SC TRITECC SRL. The SC TRITECC SRL has made every effort to ensure that the material contained in this website is current, complete and correct. Despite this, errors and mistakes cannot be completely ruled out. The SC TRITECC SRL is not liable for the relevance, accuracy or completeness of the information and material offered in this web site.

    The layout of the webpage, graphics and pictures used and the collection of individual contributions are protected by copyright.

    Picture credits

    © Image courtesy of Master isolated images. at FreeDigitalPhotos.net © Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net © Image courtesy of sumetho at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
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    Links to Third Party Information

    The SC TRITECC SRL website contains links to third party information providers. The SC TRITECC SRL has no influence on the design and contents of third party Internet websites. They are not liable for the contents of external links and of external contents.


    Where you are invited to submit personal information (e-mail address, names, postal addresses, phone, company names), the submission of this information is purely voluntary. The SC TRITECC SRL expressly declare that the information submitted will not be passed on to third parties.

    Realization of the website


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    “From project idea to business opportunity”

    As specialists in the field of public funding, TRITECC employees have a comprehensive overview of technology, research and innovation programs at national and EU level. Our expertise allows our clients to access the most appropriate source of funding for their projects. In addition to general information and advice, we also offer customized services for individual clients.

    In a consulting session with one of our team members you will see where the potential of your idea lies and what you can do to improve it. The objective of project idea evaluation is to see if the project idea really responds to the call objectives. As we are not “emotionally attached” to your idea/concept, you can be sure we will give you an objective feedback.

    Also, our consulting services concern strategic decisions about benefitting from Horizon 2020 and also partner search. It is well recognized that SMEs are the motor for the economy. There are many funding opportunities, but those running SMEs have no time to even think about applying for funding or finding the best partners needed for a powerful consortium.

    We can help!
    We can guide you through the identification of the most suitable funding program, develop the project concept, and support you in the partner search. Also, in the case of positive evaluation, we offer our support as project office responsible with contract finalization and project management (organization of meetings, drafting minutes, supervising day-to-day work, submission of deliverables, contractual reporting etc.).

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     Successfully apply for a Horizon 2020 project and boost your impact with a tailored exploitation strategy and dissemination plan.
    In its proposal for the new Framework Programme, the European Commission notes that: „Activities to disseminate information and carry out communication activities shall be an integral task under all of the actions supported by Horizon 2020.”

    Dissemination management in research and innovation projects begins with the stakeholder analysis and message design set up in a coherent plan and implemented through different means (scientific posters, factsheets, roadmaps etc.) and publications. A major  new aspect of Horizon 2020 regarding dissemination activities is the obligation for EU funding beneficiaries to ensure open access (free of charge, online access for any user) to all peer-reviewed scientific publications relating to their project results.

    Exploitation of project results is the main concern for the EC, in order for the new research programme to generate innovation and create new jobs. Hence, participants have an obligation to exploit the results they own–direct exploitation–or to have them exploited by another legal entity–indirect exploitation, in particular through the transfer and licensing of results. For a more comprehensive overview on converting the knowledge resulting from publicly funded research activities into socio-economic benefits, see the European IPR Helpdesk fact sheet on “Exploitation channels for public research results”, available in the library.

    As Exploitation manager, TRITECC assumes responsibility for transparent and objective Intellectual Property (IP) management within collaborative projects. We help define project business models, monitor and document joint development, advise partners on IP protection strategies and business plans to ensure that results actually reach the market.

    A targeted communication strategy and a clearly defined exploitation plan are requirements for a successful Horizon 2020 project proposal and often make the difference between proposing a great research project and actually getting it funded.
    Our goal is to help you succeed with your Horizon 2020 application and to support your excellent science with professional services for the exploitation and communication of your results.




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    As clearly stated in Article 38 of the annotated EC Horizon 2020 Grant agreement Communication activities are considered a priority in the new Framework programme and as such all project proposals have to integrate an ambitious set of communication activities structured and designed for the benefit of both target audience and project performers.

    “…The beneficiaries must promote the action and its results, by providing targeted information to multiple audiences (including the media and the public) in a strategic and effective manner.
    This does not change the dissemination obligations in Article 29, the confidentiality obligations in Article 36 or the security obligations in Article 37, all of which still apply…”
    Considering the above said, TRITECC team offers support for the communication concept and plan design already at proposal stage, management of activities from the outset of the project, during implementation and beyond, through professional design and implementation of all relevant tools specifically oriented to the target audience.

    Our offer includes:

    • ✓ Drafting of a comprehensive communication plan (audience,message, media, etc)
    • ✓ Design of the corporate identity (colour scheme, logo, templates etc);
    • ✓ Professional design for cummunication tools (websites, flyers, posters, roll-ups etc.);
    • ✓ Organisation of events (workshops, focus groups, conferences, exhibitions etc.)
    • ✓ Social media coverage;



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    Innovation and technology

    TRITECC  is embedded in the international technology and innovation landscape and maintains close links to the large number of innovative, high-tech enterprises, as well as to universities, research institutes and clusters. We invite you to make better use of your own know-how and profit from our experience in the areas of innovation management, knowledge transfer and technology assessment.


    If you are interested in us as a project partner we can join as Management office partner , Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation Work Package leader and/or partner responsible for different research activities that are in our competence.
    TRITECC can also be subcontracted for activities like project management (quality check, reporting, events organiser etc.) or professional communication and dissemination activities including design of corresponding materials.


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